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Welcome to El Nopal Mexican Restaurant

What Makes Us Different


Fresh ingredients

At El Nopal, our dishes are crafted with the finest selection of fresh ingredients. Discover the authentic flavors of Mexico in every bite.


Each dish is brimming with the history of our ancestors. From San Luis Potosí to Dover, Delaware, we bring the most delicious of Mexican cuisine.

Authentic flavors

Our made-to-order dishes are a burst of genuine Mexican flavors that will transport your taste buds.

tacos de birria

About the owners

The Espinosa Hernandez spouses, both of Mexican nationality, decided to undertake a trip that would take them to Delaware, United States. With the aspiration to get ahead, they began a journey that would lead them to build what we now know as "El Nopal Mexican Restaurant" full of great motivation and inspiration, they have come here after 14 years and are very excited that April will be 15 years

evento mexicano

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